Hi Donna & Steven,

Minnie is a Cavoodle. I picked her up from you 18th October 2009, she was born on 22 August 2009 (so she just had her 1st birthday) and she weighs 5kgs.

Her coat is completely non-shedding and very poodle like in texture. She is very active and requires a fair bit of exercise/playtime. She is super friendly and just loves everyone and everything.

She is very obedient, with 10 or so tricks and rolling over to be her absolute favourite to perform. She always wants to be either by my side or in my lap.

I would definitely consider getting another Cavoodle in the furture, they make a great pet and she brings many of smiles to my day (I love her to bits)!!!!! 🙂

I look forward to seeing Minnie up on your website.

Cheers, Rachel
August 2010