Vet Endorsed

Our vet Dr Tom McClelland of Bathurst NSW, has recently retired from his private practice but continues to consult for his long term clients. He has a calm, sensible approach to our dog breeding. He is always only a phone call away and gives excellent advice regarding the ethical management of our dog breeding practices.

He conducts a thorough health check, gives 1st vaccination and micro chips each of our puppies at 6 – 8 weeks of age.

Tom has been with us for 21 years, we are pleased to be able to pass on his contact details, when requested.

He is happy to discuss our puppies and adult dogs, plus any breed specific health matters. Tom has visited our home numerous times, throughout the last 20+yrs and is happy to give his appraisal of our facilities & practices.

Donna is a qualified veterinary nurse, having worked with Dr Tom for 12 yrs, during that time she assists with all aspects of clinic duties, whether it’s the reception, surgeries or general animal health care. She is also on hand 24 hours a day at our kennels helping a new mum through her first pregnancy, to intensive care with a puppy that may be struggling, her experience and commitment is invaluable.