Hi Brooke

Well we have had Gracie for a week now and what joy she has brought us she is so funny , the first day was a bit of a worry with Shelby (the boxer )only because Shelby wanted to check out Gracie and all Gracie wanted to do is yelp and run away but within a day they where good with each other and now a week later Gracie is the boss and Shelby is finding it hard to play softly with Gracie its very funny to watch.

She is starting to learn all sorts of stuff ,she knows the sits command but it will take a little more time for toilet training ( i am sure she squats out side just to get here treat because she will go inside and wee )but she will get there i am sure .

Anyhow i thought you would like the hear how one of your puppies is going , thanks again for your help and i will certainly recommend you guy to any one asking about puppies cheers

Charlie Zammit