Hi Steve and Donna,
What a beautiful little pup I have!! Daisy is now 6 months old and has just been desexed which was a very sooky experience for her.

The vet told me last week they have never met such a little sook i.e I had to take her back 2 days later to get a pain injection followed by pain tablets for 5 days.

She is such a gorgerous, beautiful natured little girl (and sooky).

My kids are home at the moment and they have also fallen in love with her playful and soft nature.

She follows me around every minute of the day, following me from room to room. She is so loyal and loveable and is great company for me and gives me lots of love back.

My only regret is that I wasnt in the postion to take one of her sisters as well for company for her.

Thankyou for my gorgeous addition to our family and no doubt I will be in contact in the next couple of years to buy another pup.

Thanks again she is perfect.

Jenny from Parkes
October 2012