Dear Steve and Donna,

I wanted to give you an update on a Black and White Cavoodle we got from you in November 2013 (Born Sept 2013). He was called Smudges mostly black before he came to us. You may recall us, as I had bought him as a surprise for my husband, Tim. On the drive home Tim named him ‘Taco’.

The very proud ‘Taco’ has become one of the family. He is such a delightful dog that he is invited to all family functions and we are in trouble if we don’t bring him! We have problems trying to place him when we are away because people are offended if we don’t pick them to look after him. He rarely barks and get’s along with his new little human sister really well. When she grabs his tail he just gets up and walks away. No barking or growling. We didn’t get to take him to puppy school as he was the required age over the xmas break, however he is a bright puppy and learnt to sit, stay, wait, come and shake very quickly.

When he first came to us my husband said that we didn’t need pet insurance because he was a dog. Now he has premium insurance and is possibly the most loved member of the family.

Thank you so much for bringing him to us. I have attached a recent photo.

Kelly Gray

Ps There are two other dogs who live within a block of us who also came from you! Charlie is nearly 10 years old and Luca is 2. Both are doing well and Taco loves seeing them on our daily walks.