Hi Steven & Donna

Around 12 months ago we picked up our beautiful little puppy from you. She is a ruby cavoodle, bred from Milo & Mindy.

We named her Bailey and she has become the center of our universe! She has grown into the cutest little girl. She is incredibly smart and affectionate. Like all puppies she was extremely energetic to begin with and she wasn’t able to sit still for more than 10 seconds. Around 9 months of age we noticed a huge change and began to see more of the typical cavalier nature emerge. She is still very energetic but she is equally happy to fall asleep on the couch next to us. A perfect dog, we are very attached!

I just wanted to let you know she’s in safe hands and is loved enormously! A huge thank you to you both. Attached is a picture.

Our neighbours are searching for a cavoodle, we’ve passed on your details to them.

Kim + Luke Mulder