Hi Brooke,

We took home a beautiful Shoodle puppy from you just before Christmas. She was Dolly’s chocolate female. You told us you had wanted to keep her and asked us to keep you updated so I thought I would send you a few photos of her as she’s grown.

Her name is Minnie and she is feisty as they come. We were worried our cavoodle puppy who is twice her size would be too much for her, but Minnie made sure Molly knew who was boss immediately (and continues to do so). She is insanely intelligent, watching us or Molly do something just once before attempting it herself. I think deep down she thinks she is the boss of all of us. She is a funny girl and we love her dearly.

She has started to grow and is necking an ashy blonde colour. I’ve attached some photos.

Thanks again,

March 2014