Hi Steve and Donna

This is our beautiful girl Evie who was arrived to us on March 8. She was born on the 13th Jan, so she is now 15 weeks old. Evie is already house trained and can sit, wait, heel, down, stay and can potty on command. She has just started puppy preschool and is a real little socialite.

Evie’s parents were MJ and Milo, I was wondering how many brothers and sisters she had?

My son who was very frightened of dogs, has really bonded with her and although he’s not all over her like a rash like his sister, I often find him playing with her quietly when he no ones else is around telling her how much he loves her, so cute 🙂

Evie is 22cm high at the shoulders and weighs about 2.5kg. I was wondering if you could tell me how big approx. she will get as she has nearly outgrown her current crate and I would like one that would take her through to her adult height.

Kind regards,
The Loosmore Family
April 2013