Hello Steven and Donna,

I always look at your website to see what you have available and it is always a joy looking at your beautiful. I bought Mia from you some 4 years ago and thought you may like to see how she is now . She is a lovely dog a little shy of people until she knows them. We have so much joy and love with her. She has been a perfect pet. She has had a recent operation on her right knee the second we had the left done some 2 years ago but hey all is great she is very spoit and so loved I just wanted to let you know how one of your many dogs have given and received so much love. She was born on 24th May 2006 and I believe she was one of Salty’s pups and I don’t know who the father was. She is very healthy goes for walks almost every day. Goes to my husbands’ real estate office and sits on the desk other days, flies to Qld for holidays 2-3 times a year so she really had been well loved. Will keep in touch.

Ann Reeves