Hello Steven and Donna!

I am sending you a photo of my beautiful girl,she had her 1st birthday yesterday.

She is an absolute delight,enjoying herself everyday,and eats whatever she comes across,be it rope, tennis balls,sticks,egg shells, the list goes on, loves her play’s on the beach, and races around like a greyhound, with her pomeranian playmate, and with my two other dogs, she manouvers herself brilliantly, and no one stands a chance, with her. She has a beautiful nature towards anyone that wants to pat her, but always on the lookout for more food, I feed her once a day, with a treat of a chicken neck, or a smacko or denta stix, that is her limit, she now weighs 6.2 kilo and carries it just nice, i wouldn’t want her any heavier. Is that the normal weight for her do you think!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope your business is doing well,and that you are all well.

Thank you once again for having such a beautiful breed of dogs,it is a credit to you both,all the very best with your wonderful breed of parents.

Antoinett and Lottie xx
June 2013