Good morning to my former human parents Donna & Steven.

I got sick of waiting for my new family to send an update on my progress so I thought I would do it myself. Just to remind you I came from the litter born 30 June 2006. Mum was a Cavalier and Dad was a Toy Poodle. Making me a proud Cavoodle.

My adoptive family collected me in the beginning of September and named me Boots. I am growing up to be a very loyal member of our family since I went in for a little procedure concerning my lower region. Before this I was getting into a little trouble due to my (amorous behavior. )
I am currently weighing in at 4.6kg. I still give into the temptation of chewing when left in the company of a shoe. I have graduated my pre-school program, and if there was a popularity vote I’m sure I would have won.

Boots – NowI love the company of my “mum” and all the kids in the street love me as much as I love them.

One request I have in return is can I please have a photo of the parents that conceived me for my album. This would be great as its the missing link from my past.

I must go as my paws need resting…

Many barks
Boots Bond-Collins
February 2007