Hello Steven & Donna,

We are sorry that we have not emailed earlier to inform you of our puppy’s progress but it has been a big year (engagement & wedding).

Please find attached a couple of photos of our little Poo-tzu Poppy. The first one was of her as a puppy on your website and the other is of her fully grown.

Poppy – July 08She has an older sister and brother (English Staffordshire Bull Terriers) whom she loves. They are very gentle and patient with her (even when she jumps on their heads when they are still asleep).

Poppy was sent to us on 17th January 2007 and we relied on your photos, emails and phone conversations as we live in Brisbane. We purchased her for our acreage property to let us know when we had visitors. She does a wonderful job but is a little bit shy with strangers.

She has grown to be a very important member of our family and we can’t thank you enough. You obviously breed with lovely parents as she is an absolute delight and such a loving & playful little girl.

We look forward to many happy years with her and would certainly recommend you to others.

Thank you again,

Chris and Emma
July 2008