Hi Steve & Donna,

We bought a puppy from you nearly 12 months ago, and this is just a note to say how happy we are with her!

Sophie is a female Cavoodle with low shedding hair. She is extremely friendly and loves all company. She is great around our grandkids and seemed to know from day one to be extra gentle and caring around them. Her favourite things to do are to play fetch and get under the hair dryer after a bath!

She is an outside dog, but comes inside often on colder nights, and is always well behaved at staying on her mat when in loungeroom! We also got a kitten a few months ago which has proved to be great company for Soph. They love playing rough but Sophie has never gotten too rough or even ever barked at the cat who can be quite good at teasing!!

Sophie was great to toilet train, she learnt pretty quickly what needed to be done outside, she only ever had a few accidents when she got too excited about her favourite people coming home!!!

We regularly get her clipped around the eyes so she finds it easy to see (she is due for another one as you can see by the photos!), and we recently got her whole body shorn for when it gets warm. Although she does look super cute when she’s super fluffy, the longer the hair the more burs wind up in it!! When her hair is short is gets a very cute curl to it, she does however like to keep her fluffy ears and fluffy tail!!

Thanks again for your Sophie, she is everything we wanted and more!!

Chris & Jenny McNaughton
Sept 2010