Hi Steve and Donna….

It’s now just over a year since Yogi became a part of our family. From the very first moment he has completely fitted into our family. Initially we were worried how our 8 year old Doberman was going to deal with a younger sibling but ‘Ella’ has turned out to be the best Aunty ever. The two are the very best of friends and Yogi’s youthfulness keeps Ella on her toes! They both play ‘madly’ throughout the day but not once has Ella been cross with Yogi’s exuberance.

Growing up with many dogs throughout my life I would have to say that Yogi has been the ‘best dog ever’ I have owned. His patience, tolerance, personality and energy makes him perfect around my two daughter’s. He has been wheeled around in prams, driven around on the back of bikes, dressed up in babies clothes and carried around just about everywhere! And he’s always been the happy playmate!

Naturally whenever we go for walks he always commands attention! People always comment on his looks and his striking markings. It’s always fun to take him to the groomers he comes out looking like a stripped tiger (it’s like we get a new dog) and as his fur grows back it blends back into shades of grey. He does not shed at all but he does get hot, so we find that we need to clip him every two/three months. (probably less over winter). He loves going to the groomers – check out the link, Yogi features in the before and after photos under ‘Cavoodle’! http://www.dogloversgrooming.com/cavoodle.html

We are true Cavoddle advocates and converts – such a wonderful breed – the perfect family pet! Thanks so much for breeding such delightful little members!

Kind Regards
Daiva and Martin Tuktens.
April 2012