Hi Steven & Donna,

We picked Muffin up around 250 pm. She was wagging her tail and full of licks when we were given the cage.
We then took her to a near by grass area and she was chasing the kids and had us laughing when she would fall over and collapse as she was buggered.

The 2hr drive home and she slept most of the way.

She must be pretty good with toilet training as there was nothing in the cage and she only went number 1 and 2’s when out of the cage on the grass.

We are all home now and she had a run outside with the kids and is now inside running off with our 3yo’s socks as he gets into his jamas. Muffin is sooooo cute and smaller then she looked in the photos. Thanks heaps for such a beautiful little girl.

Not one noise from her yet.

Gina & Pedro
September 2012