Dear Steven and Donna

I just wanted to let you know how we are going with our beautiful little cavoodle puppy Tallulah. She has become the centre of the family – the girls absolutely adore her. She is incredibly intelligent, so easy to train – she is only 10 weeks old and already she is going to the back door to go out to toilet. We can’t believe it given that our last dog Barney, who we all adored, took YEARS to train.

She is an exquisite looking dog too, with a beautiful thick ginger coat – I took her into Arabella’s classroom last Friday afternoon and the girls (20 of them!) and all the teachers went mad. I am regularly stopped by people when I take her out, at this stage we are still holding her as the final needles aren’t due until June.

I want to thank you for all of your help. I know I probably tortured you with my questions and you were particularly helpful and obliging. We just couldn’t be happier – I have recommended Country Puppy cavoodles to anyone who asks where she comes from. I will scan some photos and forward them on to you in the ensuing few weeks.

We just love her and she seems to have taken to us too, settling right into the family.

I will be in touch again with photos.

Jacqui Cull
May 06