Dear Steven and Donna

Just wanted to let you know how things are going with our new cavoodle puppy. We have had Pickles for almost two weeks now and she has settled in incredibly well. She only cried at night for the first two nights. Since then she happily goes to bed and is content to sleep/entertain herself until morning.

Toilet training is also going well. We have been pretty vigilant with looking out for the signs that she wants to go, but it has really paid off, as she has only had a handful of wees and poos in the house. She has already worked out a favourite spot in the yard to go, which makes things easy for us.

Our two girls adore her, (photo enclosed) and she really is the perfect companion for them. She clearly wants to be around people all of the time and she spends a lot of the day and night napping at our feet. Her temperament could not be better for young kids. She puts up with a lot of (unintentionally) rough holding and play and is so calm and good natured that I was frankly surprised. If I were Pickles, I would have given them a warning nip by now.

We are due to start puppy school in a week, but we have already tried teaching her some basic commands like “sit”, which she has worked out pretty quickly.

Thanks again for Pickles; we couldn’t be happier with her. Also, please feel free to use this e-mail or the photo on your cavoodle feed back if you would like to.

Jason Downing and Amanda Lintott
January 06