Hi Steven & Donna,

I can’t believe it’s 6 months since I drove out to Bathurst & picked my little Sparky up. He is such a delight, thoroughly spoilt & loved by all. He certainlyknows who his owner is. When I come home from work he lays at the door & jumps all over me when I enter. He follows me all around the house.

Sleeps on my bed every night, some nights he even crawls under the sheets. He’s completely house trained.

Over summer he took a liking to watching the cricket on tv with us, this had everyone amused.

He gets along really well with our male dachshund, but we have to shut the female away when Sparky is out in the yard. He’s so funny in the yard.

I thank you both so much for this delightful puppy. He has brought me so much joy & so many laughs.

I know where to come when I’m ready for another one.

Best wishes

April 2012