Hi Steven & Donna,

We purchased our female moodle Rosie on May 9th, 2009. She has a beautiful apricot coloured fluffy coat. She is not only a gorgeous looking dog she also has a beautiful nature and is very gentle. She is very loving to us and our extended family. She can be a bit timid when it comes to meeting other dogs. She is a bit picky as to the dogs she wants to befriend. She loves our neighbours dog Toby, who is a Jack Russell. We have a very strong bond with Rosie. She is great with our 3 young children (3yr old, 6yr old and 9yr old), and is definately a part of the family. She has even made friends with our pet budgie. Rosie is extremely playful. She loves to play chasings with the kids and her favourite toy is her squeaky bone. She also loves to play with balloons. She has learnt how not to make them pop. Very clever.

In the evening she is a teddy bear and cuddles up with our 9yr old. We recently did some obedience training with Rosie and we found her very easy to train. We are so lucky and blessed to have her in our lives and could not imagine life without her. Thank you for our beautiful puppy.

Best Regards,
John, Tanya & family