Hi Steven and Donna

Just thought i would give you an update on Reece. He is going really well, settling in and making our home his own.

He is very interested in everything we do, and very inquisitive with noises that he is not use to, like the washer machine and dishwasher. He is doing great with toilet training, and he is even going to the door for us to let him out when he needs to go. Sometimes I wonder if he just goes so he gets his little chicken treat haha.

He is such an adorable moodle, with so much personality. We love him so much and are grateful to have him. It is very obvious in Reece, the care you take in breading your dogs, and we are very grateful for that.

I have attached a few photos of Reece, as you can see he loves his new home and is very relaxed

Thanks again for all your help…..We will keep in touch.

Kali and Mitch Dew
April 2012