Hi Steven and Donna,

Our Moodle, Milly, is nearly 11 months of age (born 12 July 2005) and she has been the most lovely addition to our lives.

Ever since she arrived here in Adelaide she has been a joy to own.

We took to puppy pre-school which she really enjoyed meeting the other puppies, everyone thought she was very cute. We had a few problems in house training, but she suddenly got her act together at 7 months. Milly lives indoors with us (We are a retired couple) and loves to go for walks most days and ride in the car. We decided to have her clipped at 9 months in a ” puppy look ” style which really suits her.

We had one traumatic moment when she decided to consume a poinsiettia plant; very poisonous, we dashed to the vet for a quick fix.

We find she has a great personallity and is very intelligent (she predicts every move we make).

Thank you very much for giving us a most delightful puppy.

KEITH and JEAN from Adelaide.
June 06