Dear Donna & Steven,

Hi there, I thought you may like an update on young Coco who we got from you back in Feb this year.

This week she turns 5 months old so we have had her now for 3 months and I have to say she is an absolute delight, she has brought so much joy to our lives and is such an important part of us we couldn’t bare the thought of life without her now! Her personality is simply adorable and everyone who meets her becomes smitten by her she has a truly lovely nature and gets on beautifully with other dogs, people and children alike, she is just so friendly & social she has become a bit of an icon in our neighborhood and at our local cafe and has made many friends (both dogs & humans) who go out of their way to come up and talk to her Coco – Nowwhenever they see her and we can’t believe how many, perfect strangers stop us every day and ask all about her I have answered the questions, what breed is she? & where did you get her? so many times now, I should have cards printed and just hand them out!

She is already a very well traveled and cosmopolitan kinda gal she’s been on the plane between Melbourne & Sydney several times, on a boat twice, a bus, a tram, a taxi she comes shopping with me all the time, to the hair salon, to friends houses for dinner & attends functions at the gallery and all the while just sits quietly in her puppy carrier at my feet she is always well behaved and handles it all with aplomb!

In the training dept, we have already completed a puppy kinder course and are about to embark on an 8 week obedience course. CocoShe surprises me daily with how smart she is, training is an absolute breeze and enjoyable. She was house trained “weeks” ago, can walk on lead fabulously, knows how to sit, stay, wait, lie down, fetch, drop & respectfully understands the word “no” amazing! The best of all though, she makes us laugh everyday with her playful antics & sweetness, she is very funny & loving but never naughty unlike many horror stories I’ve heard about puppies, we have not had one thing destroyed by Coco, she very quickly understood that she could do whatever she liked with her own toys but that everything else was not for chewing!

Anyway, I just wanted to share all that with you both and to compliment & thank you, because obviously, without your professional breeding and the care of her in the early formative weeks we wouldn’t have our special little girl today, so thanks a million!

Kindest regards
Kerri, Stuart & Coco
May 07