Hi Donna and Steve,

Hope you are well.

Can we share with you what a joy our Rosie is! She is known by my kids at school as ‘Miss Naughty Pants’ as she is still in her puppy naughty stage (stealing tissue packs from my handbag currently is her favourite trick).

She’s been desexed now, she and our other dog Ruby had surgery together on the same day which was comforting for both of them (and for us). She still loves her pink rabbit and loves playing with her million and one toys. I take her to school frequently and she is quite kid proof – I have several kids I threaten to check their bags on days Rosie has been to school, they love her so much.

We had a recent scare with Glenn’s mum who collapsed at our place and we needed to call an ambulance. While we were waiting for the ambulance, Rosie snuggled into my mother-in-law’s chest and was amazingly perceptive in what she needed to do to comfort Val.

Our vet predicts Rosie will be about 6 kg as an adult dog. Rosie is 5.5 kg currently, but is 15 kg in personality of course!

Lisa Campo