Hi Steven and Donna,

Just wanted to let you know that everything is going very well with our Moodle pups. They had their first puppy pre-school last night and did very well.

Nearly everyone we know has visited to coo over how cute they are. They have settled in fairly quickly, I think because there is two of them, though the toilet training is still a challenge. Thank god we have wooden floors!

Oscar & Lucy _ ThenThey’re growing bigger every day and we’re very happy with them so thank you.

Kind regards,
July 2005

Oscar & Lucy Update !!!!

Hi Donna,

Another progress report and some photos of almost-adult Moodles which you might like for your website. Oscar and Lucy are 6 months old now and they got desexed 2 weeks ago.

Oscar & Lucy – NowThey both have lovely natures and people tell me all the time how cute they are.

We had a family picnic a few weeks ago and they encountered small children properly for the first time. The kids were all over them, picking them up and slinging them over their shoulders. They were completely fine with the rough treatment. They’re very tolerant and will let you do anything to them really.

Oscar & Lucy – NowThey’re also quite sensible, they don’t run off down the street if the front door is open, that kind of thing. Oscar likes to swim and is quite adventurous. Lucy is a bit more cautious and enjoys paddling and digging in the sand. My beautiful doggies start Obedience school soon, so that’s the next challenge!

Their coats are very soft, fine and furry, rather than hairy. It is straight around the head and has a soft kink on their back. They have a little bit of the white fur coming through along their backbone, its not a true black on their back. I cut the fur around their eyes. My sister clipped a short length off them with scissors to tidy up the rest of the coat as the ends were looking a bit straggly. But you wouldn’t have to.

Oscar & Lucy – NowThey don’t really moult although very fine black hairs stick to the sofa a little bit. I don’t really comb them except when they’re having a bath, then I comb the shampoo and the conditioner through. They have baths every two weeks because we walk them near the harbour (on the west side, across from the fish markets…) and when they swim they get a bit smelly!

Thanks again, needless to say, we love them lots.

Kind regards,
January 2006