Hi Steven and Donna,

I just wanted to give you an update on Alby. I have attached some photo’s.

Alby is doing really well and we just love him!

Next week he would have completed 5 weeks of puppy classes and next year I am doing the GDTA Instructors Course to become a registered dog trainer and he will involved in that also.

My partner went back to full time work yesterday so we have a dog walker coming to take Alby for 2 hours twice a week for play group with other pups.

He really is a lovely wee boy. He has been a breeze to train to date and toilet training is nearly perfected. He just needs to understand what to do when he is at other peoples houses. He is very outgoing with humans but a little shy with other dogs so we are doing lots of socialisation with other dog

He has a real love for shoes – relocating mainly and I hope it doesn’t get to chewing! He loves interactive dog toys such as the Kong Wobbler and the ‘rip and tug’, squeaky toys and is getting into fetching.

Thanks so much Steven and Donna for an amazing and stunning wee pup! We are mad about him!

Megan and Pete
September 2012