Hi Steven & Donna,

Our beautiful little Moodle Phoenix was flown to the Gold Coast in July 2005. When he arrived he looked like a little teddy bear, and I must say was the cutest thing we had ever seen.

Phoenix graduated from puppy preschool with flying colours, and although he was very fast to learn his tricks (sit, drop, beg, rollover, 360 spin, speak which is bark on command, fetch, shake, kiss) he was slow with toilet training.

Phoenix – ThenWe would describe Phoenix as the perfect dog! He is cute, smart, non aggressive, interacts well with other dogs (big and small), is great with kids, has a beautiful nature, does not shed any hair, does not smell, and LOVES swimming in the pool. What more could you ask for in a dog?

People often stop us on walks and ask about Phoenix , and we always rave about Country Puppies and refer them to your website.

Phoenix – NowPhoenix loves going to our local dog park, the beach and playing with his mates. He has more toys than any kid I know, he loves to play fetch and his ultimate goal with stuffed toys is to rip the stuffing out!

We are throwing him a party this week, and inviting his friends around to mark his 1st Birthday (9th May).

Phoenix is loved by everyone, treated like royalty and is one very spoilt Moodle!

Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog. He brings great joy to our lives!

From Natalie, Eden & Maneesha Marzol

One very biased family!
May 2006