Hi Steven, Donna & Brooke!

We purchased our gorgeous Moodle puppy off you a year ago and wanted to give an update on how she was doing.

We called her Ivy and all just absolutely love her to pieces, she has the best personality. She was even able to melt Dad’s heart – who wasn’t too keen on the whole dog idea to begin with – and he’s now her favourite! She’s 100% got us wrapped around her tiny little paw.

Her coat is now predominantly white with an apricot stripe down her back. She is 25cm tall at the shoulder and barely tips the scales at just 3kg!

She never cried – not even the first night we brought her home. She absolutely loves tennis balls and going for walks and fetch is her favourite thing to play. She and our rabbit are the epitome of the sibling relationship – best friends one day, enemies the next depending on their moods.

She’s also very clever which sometimes can lead to some minor mischief! She knows how to sit, lie down, rollover and shake – all without puppy preschool. She’s beyond spoilt and knows and loves it – when’s she’s freshly washed she even makes it into our beds to sleep.

Thank you so much for providing us with the perfect addition to our family – we don’t know what we’d do without her!

Olivia Kaires and Family