Hello Donna and Steven,

Sorry its been so long since we made contact however all is well as we hope it is with you and your family. We completed our 5 months motorhome trip over to South Australia and wound our way back to Hervey Bay via Great Ocean Road etc.
Holly adapted to the Motorhome life very easily however it would have been difficult without the large ‘cage’ we purchased from you and the enclosed zippered travel bed we bought prior to getting Holly at Mudgee!

We had a month home in Hervey Bay then left 1/12 to come up here to Mackay and visitfamily, back to H/Bay next Wednesday before Xmas traffic. We had to wait till our daughter showed us how to send you a picture of Holly via this media so here is our ‘little’ girl!!! She badly needs a haircut which we hope to tomorrow as its just toooo hot for her…

She was de-sexed 8/11 and think she has put on a little weight, she would be over 6 kilos now, maybe some of that is ‘hair’!
Kindest regards to you and your family and we wish you a very Merry Xmas and a safe, happy and healthy New Year!

Pat and Brian Riddle 🙂
December 2012