Hi Steven and Donna

Just sending through an update on our cavoodle Winston who we collected from you in March. He is approaching 5 months old and is growing at a quick pace.Deciding to bring him into the family has been the best decision we have made. He has enriched our lives in so many ways and brought us all closer together.

Being our first family pet, he is spoiled rotten, but is a very good boy! Puppy school is going well, he loves wrestling the other dogs and even though he gets very distracted, he has a few tricks up his sleeve and is toilet trained!

His favourite thing to do is steal shoes from the closet and chew them up! He knows when he is being naughty and loves making us chase him around the house. He is a very intelligent dog, loves a good cuddle and good company.

I have been recommending Country Puppies to anyone who has asked about Winston, he gets a lot of compliments as he resembles a big teddy bear.

Many thanks,
Sarah Storey
May 2012