Hi Steve & Donna,

Its hard to believe life before Tessa arrived, she has grown into a beautiful cavoodle who adores the family…she will be one at the end of May 2011.

We get comments about her in the street and always get asked where we got her from….Our Kids love her and you were right, she adjusts to our moods and energy levels accordingly, if there is fun to be had she is in, if its snoozing and cuddles watching TV she is right by your side relaxing…

Tessa has a cheeky side and loves her morning walks, she also loves her soft toys that used to belong to the kids when they were Babies, she adores cuddles & the family Cat, if only the Cat loved her half as much in return…they eat out of the same bowl sometimes & have a snooze together.

Here are some pics, before and after her Haircut…the jury is out as to which looks cuter! ( I like her scruffy)

If only we could get a Brother for Tessa!

The Harris Family, Leura NSW