Dear Steve and Donna,

Wow I’m six months old already!! The last few months have been very busy, graduating puppy school (see photo), and in particular this week, I got my first major haircut and bath and I also got desexed on Thursday. I’ve bounced back very well and still don’t sit still for long! I’m missing my sister Sadie though whilst I recuperate properly because I’m far too mischievous to take it easy if she was around, so she’s visiting my Grammy.

I love the beach, and chasings, and stealing the ball from Sadie. I also LOVE food. The vet was nooo worries – they gave me treats! I love dogs more than humans, but am starting to enjoy a snuggle or two. I also like snuggling under blankets.

My legs are so giraffe long, I struggle to be coordinated most days! I have a bit more filling out to do to best suit my new short haircut. I look like a little black lamb, with a show pony prance!!

I think that’s all I’ve got for you at the moment, but I’ll send more pictures soon!

Love, Tilly.

Vanessa Haigh