Hi Brooke and Donna

I hope this email finds you well, and Happy New Year!

I just wanted to email you to let you know how Murray is getting on!

We are absolutely smitten with him and he has been such a good puppy.

He’s had his second vaccination and we are just waiting until he is clear to go to the park, we can’t wait to see him have a good run around.

He sleeps in a bed next to ours on the floor, and sleeps right through the night which is great. Ryan has taught him to sit, stay, come, shake hands and play dead, he’s such a clever boy.

We will be taking him to puppy school soon, and he has met our friend’s Spoodle puppy which he really enjoyed, it was so nice to see him get to interact with another pup.

His personality is coming through more and more, we have discovered he is quite the sook which we love, he is happy to sit on our lap and have lots of cuddles. Having said this, he does have his energetic bursts and loves chasing balls and toys around the house.

I’ve attached a photo of Murray from Christmas day. The hat only stayed on long enough for the photo, as you might expect!

Thanks again for such a gorgeous pup.

Kind regards,
Vanessa Wright